Welcome to Cottage Grove WIFI

Welcom to Cottage Grove WiFi.

Direct billing questions to 541-942-3346 and technical support questions to 541-359-2367.

Pricing (residential customers)
128K 10 Hours: Free (no support) -- Cottage Grove residents only
256K: $14.95/mo (no support)
1.5Mb: $30.00/mo
3.0Mb: $40.00/mo
7.0Mb: $50.00/mo

ATTENTION: Please note that our authentication servers do not support the new higher-security web certificates. We shall have to use self-signed certificates on our login page from now on. Your login username and password will still be encrypted, but your browser will give you a warning that the certificate is not trusted. You will need to add an exception for our authentication servers in order to log in. We have been informed that there will be no fix from our vendor, so you'll have to do this indefinitely. If you have questions or need help adding an exception please feel free to contact us. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

If you have disabled POP-UPS and you are logged in through CGWIFI, CLICK THIS LINK TO LOGOUT OF CGWIFI

NOTICE: Online payments are disabled due to a technical issue. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. You can still renew/upgrade your account in person at City Hall.

Email Settings with 3rd Party ISPs

CGWIFI blocks port 25 for outgoing email. So, if your ISP requires you to send email over port 25 (some do, some don't), you need to contact them to arrange use of a different email port. We recommend port 587. We block port 25 because this is the port spammers use to send spam.

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